How Is Cannabis Tested?

where you buy cannabis is important

The popularity of cannabis in recent years has advanced growing and cultivation technologies far beyond what was seen during the Golden Age of Cannabis.

In 2021, potent strains, tinctures, distillates, and waxes are created to provide an incredible high with very effective medical benefits.

If you have ever wondered how growers figure out the potency of cannabis, consider the following guide on how cannabis is tested.


A lab test can determine the levels of CBD and THC in a specific sample of cannabis. Lab testing is also used to measure terpenes, which are aromatic molecules produced by the plant during growth.


Quality control is essential when producing a blend of cannabis. As a result, many growers are using online lab testing kits to determine the efficacy of their strains.

Additionally, many consumers rely on cannabis comparison websites to find out what effects users experience when consuming a particular strain of cannabis.

For Danger

It should be noted that where you buy cannabis is important. This is because disreputable companies may not take the proper precautions to ensure no mold, bacteria, or pest growth infects the plant after being processed and packaged.

That is why it is essential to shop for cannabis at a dispensary that regularly tests batches of products to ensure that they are free from harmful substances that you would not want to ingest.

For Purity

Certain cannabis products such as shatter, wax, and full-spectrum cannabinoids will need tests to prove their pureness. This is because these products are highly potent, and consumers expect a particular type of effect when using them.

Purity in cannabis is tested by measuring the levels of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other chemicals within the plant.

Talk to a bud-tender at your local dispensary to get more information about what’s in the cannabis you plan to purchase.